Simplify Insurance Renewals with a Few Tweaks to Your Email Marketing

Webinar: 30 Minutes

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Attention Insurance Brokers:

Personalized renewal email campaigns are essential annual marketing programs that are proven to improve customer satisfaction. However, the manual processes required to implement these efforts place a heavy administrative burden on brokers — resulting in inefficient use of internal resources, clunky customer experiences, and (ironically) policy churn.

In this 30-minute webinar replay, learn how automating renewal processes and communications for both personal and commercial lines relieves this burden while ensuring customers receive timely and consistent renewal notices. It also allows you to prioritize customers who are ready to discuss their renewal options now.

Key Takeaways:

  • Easily build personalized emails to your customers that land in their inbox at the right time

  • Emails can be an initial touchpoint and engagement driver for renewals and upsell opportunities

  • Personalized emails can automate and prioritize high-value renewals for your sales teams

  • Capture key data needed for the commercial renewal process (i.e. changes in business size, revenue, location)

  • Basic customer data can power relevant, personalized renewal email communications

Featured Speakers

Sarah Moore
Sr. Customer Marketing Manager

Jennifer Pugsley
Director, Client Services

Mark Finnegan
Manager, Marketing Programs & Partnerships

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