Quote and Bind Faster with
Intelligent Lead Management

August 12th @ 2:00 PM EST


This LIVE 30-minute webinar will demonstrate how to:

  • Create efficiencies in your lead management through marketing automation

  • Utilize lead scoring, smart forms, and landing pages to qualify and nurture leads

  • Share qualifying questions via email or landing page to further vet leads

  • Develop automated programs to follow up with leads that didn’t convert the following year, ahead of their policy renewals

Lead management and nurturing is no easy task whether you’re a brokerage or any other organization. No matter the amount of leads you are generating whether it's from your pay-per-click, paid and social media or even organically from your website, you need to have the right lead management processes in place to properly and efficiently vet, route and convert quality leads.

In this webinar, we will walk you through how you can use marketing automation tools like Act-On to create efficiencies in your lead management. We will also show you how to utilize lead scoring, smart forms and landing pages to qualify and nurture leads, and finally develop automated programs to follow up, alert sales and abeyance leads upon their renewal with your competitors.


Robyn Croll
VP, Customer Insights

Jennifer Pugsley
VP, Customer Success

Mark Finnegan
Manager, Marketing Programs & Partnerships

Goose Digital

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