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Our Logo

All logos and logo variants here are saveable as SVG / vector format (Right-click, save as...).

Goose Digital Logo
Goose Digital Logo White
Goose Digital Logo
Goose Digital Logo White

Goose Digital's logo is comprised of the Goose-wing (with coloured pixels), in CASLON 3 LT STD Roman font.

"DIGITAL" should always be in all-caps, smaller font and below the word "Goose".

Logo Variations 

Goose Digital G-Only Logo
Goose Digital G-Only Logo White
Goose Digital G-Only Logo
Goose Digital G-Only Logo White

Goose Digital "G"

Although it is always preferable to use the full Goose Digital logo, when space does not permit, the Goose "G" can be used instead in either the black or white variant.

Goose Digital G-Only Circle Logo
Goose Digital Pixels

Goose Circle

For exceptional circumstances, circle variant of the Goose "G" has been created.

Use this when space is limited or to help accent the marketing materials (e.g. website favicon, navigation bars, or document header).

Goose Pixels

The Goose Pixels should only be used to help compliment the rest of the branding (e.g. as a footer image in a word document).

They should never be used without the full Goose Digital logo elsewhere on the material.


Goose Digital Colours Blue

Green 361 C

Primary "Solutions/Services" colour.

Blue 313 C

Primary "Expertise/Strategy" colour.

Sky 283 C

Supporting "Expertise/Strategy" colour.

Goose Digital Colours Mono

Orange 158 C

A supporting colour, mainly used in technical/code related applications.

Red 1797 C

A supporting colour, mainly used as a CTA or to highlight news/blog posts.


Only be used as the background colour for headers, footers, etcetera.

Goose Digital Colours Highlights


Always use this shade for text on light backgrounds.


A minor, in-between support shade.


The colour of our "white" logo. Helps support pure white or in places where pure white would not work.

Gradient Suggestions

We use gradients sparingly, usually on a Call-to-Action, like a button or an icon. Here are some suggested gradients to use with the Goose Digital colours.

Goose Digital Colours Highlights

In Writing

Always capitalize Goose Digital.

Goose Digital 

Goose digital X

Try to avoid using "www." when typing out our URL. Never capitalize the letters in the URL. X X X


Primary (Web/Print): Gotham 
Internal Use: Roboto (Click to Download)
Logo Use Only: CASLON 3 LT STD Roman

We primarily use Gotham for its versatility in web and print.

There are two key exceptions to this rule where our font doesn’t work. The first exception is on editable documents such as those in Google Docs. Gotham will not work in Google's applications. The second exception is in certain digital applications, where only web-safe (Google) fonts are required and Gotham will not work. In this case, we use Montserrat as a replacement.

For internal use (slideshows, word docs), we use Roboto due to its thin-width and universal accessibility through Google's ecosystem.

Headline 1

Font Weight: 700

Gotham or Montserrat Bold should only be used as the main headline. When the font needs to be even stronger, Gotham Black is permitted (font weight 900).

Headline 2

Font Weight: Gotham Light (300)


Font Weight: Gotham Medium

Paragraph Text

Font Weight: Gotham Book (400)


We love to use images at the top of all our marketing material to immediately grab someone's attention. We use big, bold photography featuring real people in real situations. We always try to avoid overly-staged, unnatural colours and cutout stock photos.

Take a look at some examples below. | 866-644-6673

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